National Credit Management

With Dedication, Trust & Commitment

We Are Different

National Credit Management

Founded in 1960 by Bernard Fagin, NCM has grown to become one of the industry leaders in the recovery of educational loans and receivables. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, National Credit Management provides debt solutions for hundreds of Colleges and Universities throughout the nation.

NCM’s slogan “We Are Different” has become our foundation for success for over 60 years. Through this simple belief, NCM has built relationships through dedication, trust, commitment. We pride ourselves in the skill and professionalism we are able to provide our clients.

No Complaint Guarantee!

Should our client receive a written complaint from a borrower stating that our counselor’s conversation was of a harassing or intimidating nature, the account will be reviewed by our President & CEO, who will waive all future collection fees on the account and reassign it to another counselor if warranted.

Our Services


NCM Financial Counselors are trained to be apart of the solution, resulting in a kinder, more effective approach.

COHORT Reduction

NCM assists schools in bringing defaulted borrowers back into current status with our team of highly qualified counselors.

Skip Trace

NCM Financial Counselors use several nationwide databases to obtain as much information on the borrower as possible.